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Vodafone presented yesterday at Bentley’s its “360” product to Irish bloggers and journalists.
It consists on an application (mobile and PC) that offers an “all-in-one experience”. Your personal address book is now enriched by pulling from all the contacts in your phone, information from Facebook, Google Talk and Windows Messenger among others (Twitter is coming up soon). There’s no price nor launch date yet.

I haven’t tested the application but I have to say it looks cool, engaging and seems to be something that many users will adopt in line with the “social trend”. The interface looks “iphonish” and nothing like the Android (maybe, only the mapping options that mirrors Google Latitude). However Vodafone did apply the Android strategy by revelealing its global one million Euro competition for the best mobile application.

It was a good event overall and great venue. Something really surprised me though: One of the goals of the event was to connect with bloggers. However. while I was shaking hands with Chris Handley (Head of Vodafone Ireland) someone from PR told me to join “a queue” (trust me, there was no need for one). Unfortunately, I also had clients in my own queue so I decided to go. I’ll chat with Chris some other time…

Have a look now at the Vodafone 360 in action, explained by Conor McGlynn!

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Learn more about Vodafone’s 360 Experience at the official site (No “Share this” button? You can also find the video on You Tube)

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PS: Enjoy the pics from the event 🙂



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Comments ( 5 )
  • John P says:

    Yup, it was a pretty good event allright Fred. I also was somewhat perturbed by that PR lady – she was the one “advising” us all that there would be NO photos of Dita, and taking names for the queue to talk with Chris – it’s not as if there was hundreds of people waiting for him! Rather overbearing, in-your-face and unnecessary imho…..

    It (only) slightly tarnished for me, what was otherwise a very enjoyable event

  • Nick McGivney says:

    Excellent. Got all the points and in a few minutes flat! That was handy. Nicely put on how youavoided the queue, Fred. You 1, PR 0.

  • admin says:

    Thanks Nick and Jonh for the comments. It doesn’t look like the PR lady made any friends yesterday 🙂
    I was also approached when I tried to take a photo of Dita. The result: Have at the first pic (from the Flickr slideshow) ahahah.

  • Adrian Weckler says:

    Oi! Where’s Dita?

  • admin says:

    I know, man. I was going to include her but… no pictures were allowed, plus she didn’t say a single word… Sorry for the disappointment 🙂

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