Cheaper iPhones in Ireland and the UK?

This morning Vodafone announced that they have secured the rights to sell    the iPhone in the Ireland and UK. Becoming an iPhone seller seems to be a “stay afloat” move of any big mobile operator nowadays.

According to the Telegraph , negotiations were really hard and the move will enable Vodafone to retain a huge amount of customers that they could actually lose without the worshipped phone.

But besides corporate buzz, what’s in it for the consumer? Well, I couldn’t agree more with the Telegraph in the sense that the price can only come down in general (i.e. all operators will have to drop it), making the phone more accessible to the end user.
However, if this can be a price war, and let us say that more operators enter the game, what’s next? Android please??? This is my second post about the mobile industry in a week (I promise I’ll give you a break!). The thing is that as an end user I see the Android model so strong that can’t help but think that early adopting it here in Europe is the way to go. Hurry up operators!

I ran 2 quick searches on Twitter (vodafone+ireland and iphone+ireland) and people seem to be talking about it:

So what is your opinion?



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