Trading in a slow-down

Hi all,

Yesterday was networking night. Channelship was at the monthly LINK! event at the O’Callaghan Mount Clare Hotel lead by Miriam Ahern.
I must say we had a FULL house, loads of business people attended the event: a very healthy a great thing to see in these times.
The guest speaker was Ken Germaine, CEO of BASE Enterprise Centre and the topic was “Trading in a slow-down”.

Since the “R” word has been abused so much by the Media and marketing agencies lately, it even seems to be a fashion sometimes.
I walked in thinking that we were going to listen to more and more of the same tips of “how to beat the recession”, but instead we discovered a dynamic and interesting presentation more focused on forward-thinking.
Ken enphasised also on how to prepare NOW and be ready for all the great things coming up once the challenging times are over.

Download Ken’s presentation by clicking HERE

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