“Cash in on your passion”

There’s so much buzz and information about social media lately that it feels great when you find a good source or point of reference that saves you time and hours or research..

I want to share a good “short cut” with you today. During the weekend I read “Crush It!” by Gary Varnerchuk. He’s a very popular video blogger, well known for his Wine library TV and especially, his personality (what he’d rather call: DNA)

Gary’s core subjects in this book are personal branding and entrepreneurship, however this is a book for absolutely ANYBODY that wants to learn how to “crush it” doing something that they love.

I have made a video of Gary’s “Top 10 phrases” in this book. They’re really good and inspiring… Have a look.

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  • Personal branding: agree 100% with Gary, this IS the future and everybody should be thinking about building their own.
    It’s amazing what you could accomplish when it comes to building a strong personal brand through the selected social networking tools. The results could be so powerful that… put it this way, you shouldn’t be looking for a job ever again. Good employers should fight to hire you! I know this could sound mad to many people but it’s so true, the rules are changing.
  • Gary talks about Family, Work and Passion as a base: Also 100% with Gary, however, most of the people that I know have the disadvantage that they don’t know what they want or what their passion is. A tough one to overcome… Maybe the book will make you think deeper about your real passion?
  • The beginning: Don’t miss the brilliant story of Gary and family going to America in the 70’s. Very inspiring.
  • Platforms’ reviews: Of course, he share his thoughts on all the main platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Tumblr, etc. Even though this could be basic for those that use this platforms already, it’s interesting to see how he uses them for his business and personal brand.
  • Ideas, ideas, ideas! Gary shares some great down-to-earth examples on how to promote anything from real estate agents, accountants to tatoos and garden products.
  • Appendix A and B: The first one shares a 19-step strategy to develop your personal brand online and the second one is genious… He came up with 5 business cases and throws them to the public to see if anyone capitalises on them. Really creative and engaging.
  • Speed of communication: When was the last time that you finished reading a book and immediately made contact with its author? This is something more than possible today through social networks. My first experience was on Twitter with @debbieweil after reading Google’s recommendation  “The Corporate Blogging book”.
    Gary was no exeption to the rule 🙂

How important do you think personal branding is? What’s your experience? Come on! leave a comment below.



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