Bizcamp Dublin: Great success

Hi all,
This time, networking fell on a Saturday. I was really looking forward to Bizcamp not only because of the speakers but also to finally meet and interact with many people that I network online with.

Bizcamp Dublin was a great success. The event was very organised, the venue perfect for the occasion and the presentations covered key points to develop a strong business.
I had the pleasure to meet David Behan, Jason Roe, Keith Shirley, Andrew Tobin, Aedan Ryan and Campbell Scott (Video below).

I believe (many will agree) that the “Battle of the Biz”, lead by Robin Blabdford was superb: two groups of around 15 people, creating a company from scratch in…25 minutes!! That was fun 🙂
The funding panel talk was also very intersting. I got three short videos featuring Campbell Scott, Caelen King and Keith Bohanna talking about “fundraising”. Don’t miss our Bizcamp photo album!!

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Campbell Scott, CEO of on fundraising

Caelen King, CEO of on fundraising
(Check their blog HERE)

Keith Bohanna, Co-Founder of on
fundraising (Final message)


Also:  Watch the video of RTE News on Bizcamp and the review from Silicon Republic.

All the best


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