How to get the most out of your YouTube video

As you all know, at Channelship, we love online video and our main platform is YouTube. Those of you that still don’t have a YouTube channel for your business I’ll suggest that you go ahead and get one! After Google, YouTube is the second search spot in the planet 🙂

I’d like to show you four cool ways in which you can get a lot more out of your videos. I will not focus on video tagging this time but instead on those features/benefits that very few people know about or use. Here’s how you get started:

Click on “My videos” from the menu option on the upper right

These are your options per video. I will focus on: Annotations, Captions, AudioSwap and Insights


This is a fantastic feature with great benefits. You can include text anywhere you want in your video and, of course, choose the length of the message too. This is a great opportunity to implement calls-to-action or any contact, additional information that will help the viewer. You can also include links to other YouTube videos. This is also a way to inter-connect your videos and keep the viewer engaged and interested within your channel.
The example above shows how I’m trying to spark comments and it really worked!

Captions and Transcript

YouTube have started testing automatic subtitles but the feature is not working well at all for now. However, you can upload a text file with your own caption in different languages. This is a feature that could be extremely helpful, not only for the hear-impaired audience but to quicly make your video ready for the different markets without having to dub it.
The transcript feature is really good! Imagine if your video shows something that require specific steps, or elements, ingredients, etc. The viewer can avail of this document, expanding the value of your video and surely tour brand.
The BIG plus (not official yet):  your captions and transcript will be indexed by search engines! That’s a massive improvement that will allow more people find you/your brand/your videos.


This comes in handy when you want to include music (only music, the original sound of your video file will be replaced). You can have YouTube look for the right song, or easily find one that matches the length of your video. Then you just preview it and finally publish it! Is that simple.


This is a feature many people are aware of but unfortunately don’t use.
YouTube analytics are very useful to gain powerful intelligence about your audience (demographics, views per country, etc). The one I find extremely helpful is the one called “Hot Spots” that show you the level of engagement per each video.
You can easily visualise the benchmark and from there detect where your video is doing great and where is not. In escense, this tool is showing your video’s ability to retain its audience.
You can learn many things from this and when it comes to produce a new video you’ll have a better idea of what really works.

Are you using any of these features? Have you found the post useful?  Go ahead, make a comment below!



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