Are Irish SMEs using social networking tools?

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Last Tuesday we had a great night at the LINK! Network, at the O’Callaghan Mont Clare Hotel. The subject was “Marketing on a shoe string budget” and the speaker, Krishna De from

Loads of practical tips for SME’s to leverage their power and effectiveness by thinking outside the box, implementing online tools and complementing offline efforts without any budget!

On this occasion, not only did we enjoy the talk  but also had a chat with some of the companies in the room to find out more about their approach to social media. Thanks to: < areers Coach, LA Make-up Academy, Peak Achievements, Spear Technologies and

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Check out also Krishna’s resource centre!

All the best

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  • Mike says:


    Interesting article, I came across your site from a link in our stats for the keywords “irish, social, networking” – Kotalk is a social networking site that started in Galway to achieve the things mentioned in your article, especially the shoe string part in fact we own

    I have bookmarked your site and will make reference to in it for our members on the Kotalk forum.



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