Free Social Media Ideas: “Make Your Own”

Thanks again to all the businesses that made a submission for “Get a free social media twist this summer“.

As promised, the Channelship team brainstormed a few cool social media ideas and created a video answer for the first company selected: a unique restaurant called “Make Your Own“. Remember that 4 more companies  will be chosen in the next few days so stand by for more videos!

The goal of these video-answers is to deliver, in a unique and engaging way, free ideas to make companies more remarkable and memorable using social media.

Have a look at the first video and please leave a quick comment below. What else would you suggest to “Make Your Own”?

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anything from co-browsing YouTube to playing games, adding funny effects to a live video conference, interacting on Facebook together with your contacts or even shopping for things online together with your friends or family members
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  • Mark says:

    (Comment posted originally on Facebook @

    “Hey guys, some great tips there, thanks a million, i especially like the NYO and getting pictures of our customers creations. Cheers for your help, will let you know how i get on. Now! How to start writing a blog…”

  • Channelship says:

    You're very welcome. Yes, a blog would be crucial to drive all your digital efforts in an organised way 🙂 You'll also see that it will pay off in terms of branding / awareness, medium and long term

  • Christina Giliberti says:

    Hey to a USP or strength of a business is a sure-fire way to promote, whilst staying true to branding, positioning and tone. There's definate value in sponserships and blogs (as we both know).
    Look forward to tuning in for the next one!

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks Tina. Next video coming up will be about making a polystyrene foam company (@madeinhollywood) memorable with social media 🙂

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