Free Social Media Ideas: “Made in Hollywood”

Get a free social media twist this summer” continues with a second

We brainstormed a few social media ideas, this time for a polystyrene foam company: “Made in Hollywood“. Remember: 3 more companies will be chosen in the next few days so stand by for more videos!

The goal of these video-answers is to deliver, in a unique and engaging way, free ideas to make companies more remarkable and memorable using social media.

Have a look at the second video and leave a quick comment below. What else would you suggest to “Made in Hollywood”?

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anything from co-browsing YouTube to playing games, adding funny effects to a live video conference, interacting on Facebook together with your contacts or even shopping for things online together with your friends or family members
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  • madeinhollywood says:

    Thank you Fred & team for the video with social media ideas for my company. As you know, we have been using some elements of social media for a while but it was very interesting to hear your views on it.
    I agree that we have to make more connections to spread the word, using YouTube and Facebook would help. We do have a plan to create a 'How it's made' video, basically showing the process we go through to create an item.
    I do like the idea of having a fun videos featured on the site. We have a replica iPhone that we have named iFoam. It would be brilliant to use it on a 'Foam me' promotion and possibly use it as a prize.
    We haven't currently set-up a facebook page. My perception was that it is useful for business-consumer markets and not so much for business to business markets?
    There seems to be quite a lot of social media chat about facebooks terms/security issues, which is a little unsettling.
    We do use to feature some of the images from our day to day work, with one section linking to “latest images” on the portfolio section of our site. Is Flickr a better image hosting site to use?
    Once again Fred and the rest of the Channelship crew, thank you for taking the time to put these ideas forward……… but beware. The next time I'm in Dublin I might arrive in unexpected with a giant iFoam or chocolate bard and look for video interview. 🙂

  • Channelship says:

    Ahaha, thanks Fran. We like surprises 🙂 You're very welcome.
    The “how it's made” video is a great idea. I saw that you have one of those videos in your Vimeo channel. It's good!
    Regarding Facebook you made a good observation but remember: it's not about the platform but what you do with it that will make a difference. Great examples of Facebook B2B pages are Cisco and Scania trucks. As you would tell, they have a boring product, compared to yours! 🙂
    Regarding Pix, I've heard it's a cool platform but haven't tried it so I wouldn't know if it's better than FlickR. I recommended the latter because that's what we use.
    I love the iFoam idea! You have a lot of “foam stories” to turn into cool videos/contests, etc.
    Finally, keep in mind that you can do a lot of things with your fun product, meaning that it will not necessary split into B2C and B2B promotional efforts. All this creative twists will overall build BRAND EQUITY and that's a very powerful word-of-mouth that will reach end consumers but clearly people in the B2B field too 🙂

  • Fred says:

    Cool, @markmyoifsc just commented on one of my FB posts: “I'm so going to get something made in polystyrene, cool idea”
    Nice to see business already coming out of these videos! 🙂

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