Social media for recruitment companies

Get a free social media twist this summer” continues with its third

The team got together again to brainstorm some social media ideas, this time for a global recruitment consultancy: Morgan McKinley.
Remember that two more companies will be chosen in the next few days so stand by for more videos!

The goal of these video-answers is to deliver, in a unique and engaging way, free ideas to make companies more remarkable and memorable using social media.

Have a look at the video and leave a quick comment below. What else would you suggest to Morgan McKinley?

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anything from co-browsing YouTube to playing games, adding funny effects to a live video conference, interacting on Facebook together with your contacts or even shopping for things online together with your friends or family members

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  • talkrec says:

    Hi Fred, this feedback is great! There are at least 6/7 new ideas that we can begin to implement thanks to your video! I thought you guys would find it hard to come up with plausible ideas for our company considering that it is a recruitment consultancy but we in the Online team are really impressed by your tips! Thank you very much and keep up the remarkable work you do at Channelship – can't wait to see your next videoblog!

    Louise O'Leary

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks very much Louise. You're welcome.
    You'd be surprised at how many companies sell to themselves “Our product/service is not for social media” or “we're not sure we can benefit from social netyworks”. It doesn't matter if a company markets B2B or B2C, as long as there're people on the other side, there will be always many ways to implement social media πŸ™‚

  • Niall Devitt says:

    Great advice guys, really thorough evaluation & tips.

  • Lindsay Browning says:

    I like πŸ™‚

    Social media needs to be part of a recruiter's role.

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks Linday. No doubts πŸ™‚

  • gregfry says:

    Well done guys on a great post on a subject close to my heart. I think the key here is to make it effortless for your candidates and clients to interact from you. Many job seekers complain that agencies do not stay in touch with them and ultimately do not care. Effective use of social media can be a super way to keep them informed, up to date and ultimately feel valued.

    I see many agencies in the UK and Ireland trying to use as many platforms as they can. Very often this results in using multiple forms of social media poorly and ineffectively. I would suggest that an agency looks to see what platforms their targeted audience use, when and how often they are on that platform before jumping in. It may be better to start off with the goal to be a “master” of a few social media platforms (eg. LinkedIn, Twitter and Online sourcing techniques)…..Rather being an amateur with many social media platforms.

    After your excellent advice the recruitment world better look out for Morgan McKinley.

    Keep up the great work.

    Greg Fry

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks for the comment Greg. Can't agree more.
    There are certain fields that are really in a rush to get into social media (recruitment is one of those). Unfortunately, everybody opens accounts but then it becomes tough to keep up.
    The number one question should be: what tool should we use and how in order to improve the communication with candidates and clients? If that's tackled OK, time could be administered wisely πŸ™‚

  • John Kamara says:

    Recruitment companies, HR managers and recruiters have accepted that social media is now huge part of the industry. The problem though is the chaos that has arisen because of the need to use and be part of everything. Using social media or combining it with online sourcing techniques, will only work for you long term if you have a structured strategy and you understand what areas of social media, what types and what types of sourcing techniques will benefit your business.

    Recruitment companies need to be able to quantify their social media activities and how the benefits of branding their organisation via social media. Its exciting to see the difference in opinion and how the constant use of the word “expert” has become so easy within the recruitment world.

    Think of social media and online soucring tools as a value added benefit that will keep you on top of your game.

    John Kamara

  • Paul Bacon says:

    Hey folks, Richie Bowden sent me this yesterday; I too am most impressed, well done!
    I think we all agree that Social Media is going to play a very important part in recruiting / sourcing strategies moving forward. I echo Greg’s comments in mastering the most appropriate medium in your field of expertise. Knowing your audience is the key, where is the community that you recruit for on line? What do they want? How best to interact?
    As sourcers of talent we must adhere to the basics here: Brand | Network & Engage | Source.
    These key elements must be exercised in the most appropriate place…. where you candidates are online.
    Great article, I look forward to more.
    (Thanks for the forward Richie)

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks for stopping by Paul. Glad you enjoyed the post πŸ™‚

  • Chapman Black says:

    thanks for sharing your information

  • Tom Howe says:

    Great insight and very useful. Where do I go to find the two previous videos that you created.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks for the comment Tom.

    The last two videos after this one were:

    – Making a shoe company remarkable with social media:

    – Social media ideas to promote your business software package:

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