Making a shoe company remarkable with social media

This is the fourth video-answer of our contest: “Get a free social media twist this summer

We brainstormed some new social media ideas, this time for a major shoe company with over 40 stores in the UK: Wynsors World of Shoes
One more company will be chosen for our last video next week so stand by!

The goal of these video-answers is to deliver, in a unique and engaging way, free ideas to make companies more remarkable and memorable using social media.

Have a look at the video we made for Wynsors and leave a quick comment below, don’t be shy!

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Dennis Taylor says:

    On behalf of Wynsors thank you all at Channelship. Expect many of the ideas to come into play ASAP, some fantastic and innovative thoughts which will only enhance what we are doing social media-wise now. With the addition of your ideas, we'll soon become 'remarkable' on these SM platforms! Thanks again.

  • Channelship says:

    You're very welcome Dennis. We're glad thata you and your team found the video useful. We're happy to hear that it's social media show time! 🙂

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