Social media ideas to promote your business software package

This is the fifth and final video-answer of our contest: “Get a free social media twist this summer“.

This final brainstorming session was for an established company that offers accounting and business software management packages in Ireland, UK and the Middle East: Intact Software
The goal of these video-answers is to deliver, in a unique and engaging way, free ideas to make companies more remarkable and memorable using social media.

Check out the video we made for Intact Software and leave a quick comment below. What would you add?

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Comments ( 6 )
  • Intact Software says:

    Hi Fred. Thanks a million for all those ideas (and for wearing the t-shirt!). It is good to get an outsiders opinion on how we appear to the wider public. As you may have noticed, we are fairly new to social media so you've definitely given us food for thought and will keep your ideas in mind as we develop it further. We are currently working on some of those issues you mentioned – I'll send you the link to our refreshed homepage when it is up and running. In the meantime, I will definitely look into the chat widget, flickr, slide share (and more importantly, a blog) etc. Thanks again for taking the time to come up with such great ideas and watch this space! Fiona, Intact Software

  • Channelship says:

    Hi Fiona.
    No worries. We're glad that it was helpful and useful to the entire team. We know it might be a lot to take in but you don't have to try everything in one shot. Go step by step and keep what you're feeling comfortable with 🙂
    All the best

  • Intact Software says:

    Hi Fred, how do you like our updated homepage – (complete with social media sites and proper URL's)! We had already started this process and gave it a big push after seeing your video. We are also in the process of converting our video case studies into a YouTube friendly format. One step at a time, eh?

  • Channelship says:

    Hi Fiona. That's phenomenal! Congrats! Site looks much better. The fixed URLs will give you a big push in terms of getting found, especially if you domain is old enough.
    Ensure at some point to have a real blog, otherwise you'll never see the full benefits of your YouTube account for instance. Take the blog as your home base, the good stuff should always be there 🙂

  • FaronLoren says:

    When I was working for one of the large telecom network providers in product marketing, I had to go through a scrutinizing exercise every time we planed a product launch.

  • JonahClint says:

    It's interesting that, although Mint has more applications than FireWallet does, the latter one costs money while the first is free and you can download it whenever you feel like pigeon-holing your expenses. While reading about what Mint does, like cataloging spending habits, tracking transactions or setting a monthly budget one doesn't want to exceed, I was thinking this must definitely cost a lot more than FireWallet. How come it's better and yet free?

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