Channelship open its doors in London (Get Smart style)

As you may have noticed, we’ve been a bit quiet for the last couple of weeks but it’s all great news!

2009 and 2010 so far, have been phenomenal years in which our agency grew significantly.

We’ve done some cool work for our clients in Ireland and the US (La Make Up, Sky, L’Onglex, QPR, CommScope and the latest addition, Dublin City University (DCU) but now it’s time to expand the business into London.

We’ve sorted out all operational items (new website, new office and house). We’re pleased to announce that Channelship are opening its doors next Monday in the UK at Chiswick Park

Facundo will still be based in the Guinness Enterprise Centre and I’ll be most of the time in London but travelling to Ireland once or twice a month… so I’m not officially leaving right?

We figured that the big announcement should be delivered by… (guess!) yes, video! And because we are major fans of “Get Smart” we decided to give it this particular cool twist… Enjoy!

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The best is yet to come



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