Brand Monitoring: How Did The Tipp-Ex Campaign Perform?

Last Thursday,  Tipp-Ex (BIC Group) launched a pretty original and creative interactive campaign on YouTube.
It consisted on a series of face to face encounters between a bear and a hunter, offering viewers the opportunity to choose the ending they would like to see by changing the title of the video directly on YouTube! (try typing “hugs”, “tickles”, “eats” and “erases”. Brilliant). The video should have by now, more than 4 million views.

We saw a lot of people spreading the word about this campaign, so we decided to track it with our social media monitoring software for a few days. The criteria was set in order to scan all posts with the brand name (including misspellings) in all media types, regions and languages.

Before the campaign, Tipp-Ex were at 100 + mentions per day. This initiavive delivered a successful impact, at least from a brand awareness perspective with more than 6,000 posts and “sentiment” according to the number of positive comments since last Thursday. That translates into a daily average increase of over 1,000%. We couldn’t find data on sales or R.O.I yet.

Even though the videos were launched on YouTube UK on September 2nd and will be launched on YouTube Italy this Friday, viewers around the world couldn’t stop taking about it. While tracking the amount of mentions by region, the US stayed always at first place and the UK kept a second spot for a while but the latest data shows that other countries around the word, most of them Spanish speaking (showing on the graph as “Others”) have conquered that second place.

If you were wondering where exactly people spoke about Tipp-Ex, maybe you guessed correctly 🙂 Micromedia took the lead with a solid 56% of the total mentions, followed by Blogs at 25% and Forums 8%.

Here’s a piece of the conversation:


As we mentioned, we don’t have data on sales projection, conversion or overall strategy of this campaign. However, besides the three calls to action to spread the word (Email, Twitter, Facebook), they could have tried to increase their email database and maybe come up with a follow up campaign, making contact first with those specific users that decided to stay updated about the product. The other HUGE area of opportunity we saw is that neither Tipp-Ex nor the BIC Group are on Twitter or Facebook (please correct us if we are wrong, but we couldn’t find any). They could have achieved higher results if they would have been part of the conversation threads (“Good hosts”). It would have been really interesting to measure “likes” and what people said on their their wall for instance.
The perception is that it was a fun and creative initiative, but that was it, and that reflected clearly on the numbers when you have a look at how fast people stopped talking about the brand.

What do you think about this campaign? What would you have done differently?

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  • Brendan McCoy says:

    Interesting and topincal post Fred.
    Do you know how many mentions there were for incorrect mentions of the brand – Tip-Ex, tippex etc?

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks for the comment Brendan. Yes, we included all the brand names incorrectly spelled as well. Don’t know though, how many. We would need to weed out.

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  • Armando Alves says:

    Hi Fred
    You focused mostly on reach (mentions / buzz).
    I’m still curious about brand recall:

    Care to comment?

  • Channelship says:

    Done 🙂 Thanks for the comment Armando.
    Very interesting point. I’m not sure why but it wasn’t my case. I did remember constantly who the brand was. I get the moment when the hunter pick the Tipp-ex from the screen and uses it correctly, caught me 🙂
    I totally understand though that this might not be a great example of brand recall (unaided or aided).
    Without even thinking about it, hundreds of times I wondered after watching the same commercial (hundreds of times) “what was the product?”. Then I realise that bad that brand/ad agency screwed up.
    I guess it’s very simple for a creative agency to focus on the viral effect and allocate less time on thinking “how will the individual react/think”.

  • Mark Cahill says:


    Nice job on Brand monitoring, did you use Radian6 tools?
    Also, if you look at Google Realtime, you can see the impact also:,mbl_hs:1262304000,mbl_he:1293839999&fp=7b300381c1cbb03f


  • Channelship says:

    Thanks Mark.
    We use several different tools to perform brand monitoring for our clients, however, for this particular post we only used Radian6 indeed.
    Google Realtime is great. Enjoting it since the beginning

  • adam says:

    Really bad production of a cool interactive concept.

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  • Stephennorman says:

    Hi there, you should have missed a few things :
    1/ during the first week it has been more than 200K sharings about the tipp-ex word on social medias (FB included). So, your tool/ must have left a “few” shares especially when you precise that “The criteria was set in order to scan all posts with the brand name (including misspellings) in all media types, regions and languages.”…let us have a few doubts about the efficiancy of your analysis.
    2/ you are able to measure web users feedback by a few datas on the youtube brand’s page : number and quality of comments, and numbers of subscribers on the page.
    There is also a FB fan page called Hunter Vs Bear where you can also check the qualitative feedbacks from web users.

    Advice : when you talk about serious topics/monitoring ad campaign, try to be serious and exhaustive.

    The Bear

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks for your comment Bear.

    I assume that you’re part of Buzzman, the French agency behind this initiative?

    We’re more than open to suggestions. We’ve done a lot of research (and still do) in social media monitoring tools and software and I can guarantee you that there’s no tool that measures everything perfectly.

    Now, here’s our advice:

    1) When you leave comments in other blogs and have important data to contrast, simply: identify yourself.

    2) You need to share links to the actual numbers. It’s very easy to say, the camping got X shares, likes here and there. Show us the official numbers for that first week 🙂 Fair enough?

    Bye Bear

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  • Im_bearIm_bear says:

    Hi Guys, My ratings :DnnThe original Idea is taken from The Subservient Chicken. Certainly nicer version of The Subservient Chicken.nnSo Original IDEA 0/10nnCreative use of youtube platform. 7/10nnBear 9/10nnman3/10nnVideo 7/10nnComedy 5/10nnoverall 6/10nnConclusion : Subservient Chicken = Elvis/Beatels , Bear = Justin Bieber/LAdy Gaga

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