Brand Monitoring: Want To Be The Most Talked About Supermarket?

We are only 5 weeks away from Christmas (Yeah, I know, were did the year go?) and while doing grocery shopping last week, I wondered what supermarket is the most talked about and also how are the others doing currently. I selected four top brands in the UK: Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Tesco. So here are the amount of mentions (and percentages) for the past 30 days:

Now, let’s take these results as a starting point.

I realised that even though most of these supermarkets have a social media “presence”, none of them are using it in creative ways as an avenue to gain a bigger piece of the conversation out there.  This point becomes even more important now, since all these brands are about to face the busiest month of the year with Christmas and New Year.

I’m going to share with you (Supermarkets) two ways in which you can be remarkable for the entire month of December and become the most talked about supermarket. What I’ll also do is a follow up post close to the end of 2010, with the updated version of the graphic above (mentions per brand) and check out the difference. In other words, we’ll see if any of these supermarkets made an effort to beat Tesco (And Tesco made an effort to stay at the top).
Ready for the challenge?

Location, location, location

People go to your supermarket every day, week and month. That’s a huge advantage, therefore you need to capitalise on that, especially with gelocation becoming so popular and so many people owning smart phones (iPhones, Androids).

Here’s the idea: Besides using the old-fashioned in-store announcement, i.e. “We remind all customers that our dairy products have a 20% off this months, etc“, make announcements that encourage people inside the supermarket to tell their friends what’s going on and make them want to come too! How about that?
So the idea would be to launch a December promo where you will announce a discount or giveaway every HOUR.  Example of speaker announcement: “Do you have a smart phone? Check into Foursquare and send it to Twitter with the hashtag #itsfun (come up with your own short branded one). The first two people to do that will get XXX price or 70% off  XX special brand” (It must be something attractive).
The beauty of this tactic is that people have to really be in the store because they never know when the announcement will be made. In other words, users can’t just cheat by checking in from outside your supermarket 🙂

If your brand is stronger on Facebook, do it with Facebook Places. In this case it turns more visual since your Facebook check in allows you now to include a picture. So part of the deal would be to check in through Facebook Places and include a photo of your favourite product. The first one, or first two to do it, will get it at 50% off or maybe for free. Not bad!

Bonus: Placing a few signs strategically across the stores, announcing that you offer Free Wi-Fi it should be a nice winner!
If you organise this idea well, and advertise it correctly (spreading the word so people know what will happen during December in your supermarket) it will make it easier to take a nice piece of the conversation away from your competitors and have a lot of customers from other supermarkets come to yours!

Engaging Photo and Video content

If your supermarket is in the Stone Age and still doesn’t allow pictures or video inside the stores, please get over it and grow your brand! If you don’t do it, your competitor will and with that, a nice piece of your market share will go too. Not cool huh?

Work on one BIG Christmas giveaway by making people submit a picture of their favourite product or brand through a Facebook App (customised tab) on your Facebook page (You cannot run promotions on your Wall unless you use an application). The beauty of doing it through an app is that it has better chances of going viral. It’s also easier to measure results. You’re more in control too.
I you don’t want your developer to build an application from scratch, you can also benefit from Facebook for Marketing solutions such as Wild Fire App. Very useful.

Have your customers send you creative photos and/or videos inside the supermarket. They would submit this as a link. Then you can have a dedicated page on your site with a gallery of either all or the best photos and videos sent by your customers. You can choose the criteria you want but idealy the best one/s or most creative would get that BIG Christmas giveaway.
This step will contribute to building a stronger community and will capture the attention of many new visitors.

I have more ideas but these two should get you going. Are you ready? Do you have more ideas? Leave a comment below!