Start-Ups and Networking by Evert Bopp, CEO of Airappz

Last night Channelship was on the road again. This time, networking at the O’Callaghan, Mt Clare Hotel at the LINK Network. The guest speaker was Evert Bopp, CEO of Airappz but more well know lately for being the man behind The Greenhouse Incubator in Limerick. We all enjoyed listening to Evert’s advise on start-up structures, his experience and particularly networking.

Evert nurtured throughout the years a rich network of very qualified professionals by being proactive and basically “sharing” to leverage the power of collaboration.
One of the best phrases of the evening that I liked was “50% of life is just being there”. I believe it might be more that that though…

Later on, a discussion on social networking tools started and I was surprised to see so many Irish companies finally daring to apply the power of Twitter and Linkedin to enhance their communications and business relationships. Great case studies shared!

Now, it’s time to enjoy the video from the speaker and some pics from last night (Check out Channelship’s  FLIKR gallery to see them all!)

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LINK network. Evert Bopp: guest speaker LINK network. Miriam Ahern, Network Manager

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