A perfect night for creative people

Last Tuesday Channelship went back to D-Light studios to enjoy one of the most creative get-togethers in Dublin: PLAYGROUP
We all had a “d-lightful” night with photographers, writers, journalists, designers, developers, artists and film makers.
The fun consisted on some mad photo shoots (that were later presented through a slideshow on a big screen), a cool band, a DJ, a LEGO table (yes!) and good interaction.

I had some very interesting converstaions with film maker, Fiona Ashe and Magda from Google (great photographer)

Follow PLAYGROUP’s Facebook page and join us next month for a cool and enjoyable night. A nice break from traditional networking events 🙂

Check out all the photos from the event at Channelship’s Flikr album
And now… what the night left us in a couple of cool videos. Enjoy!!

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All the best

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