How Can You Achieve More With The Amazon Kindle

Last November I bought an Amazon Kindle ebook reader since I received very good feedback from friends (advertising didn’t do the trick with me).

Ebook readers are NEW to absolutely all of us. No one has really a clue what’s like to read on one of these devices until you try it. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning (didn’t see myself reading much with an ebook reader) but I must say… It went above expectations very soon (We don’t have any affiliation with the product)

During this holiday, I read a few books on the Kindle. I made this very short video to share with you five quality tips on how can the Kindle help you and your business in 2011.

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Have you tried it? Would you consider buying one? Share your thoughts below!

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  • Bob Parker says:

    Do you have any control over what comments you share with the cloud and which you don’t share?

  • Channelship says:

    Hi Bob,nnThanks for the comment. n”Notes and highlights” (as “My Clippings”) stay private. You may sync them though so you can also access them from other devises such as your iPhone.nnRegarding sharing comments, for instance, I think the only action you can perform is share as a tweet but I haven’t enabled it yet. I prefer to stay focused 🙂

  • Andy Lugton says:

    For an idea of what it is like to read newspapers on the Kindle, take a look here:

  • Channelship says:

    Interesting , thanks for sharing Andy.nYes, the Kindle is not the best for pictures (yet). Those that consider this very important, should obviously go with an iPad or similar. However, if you want to get quality reading done, the choice is the Kindle.

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