Visualising Your Social Media ROI: Sales Example

While many companies are still truly interested in learning more about the return on investment in social media, others keep using it as a perfect shield (excuse) in order not to try.

Social media has been sold to everybody the wrong way (I make the word “media” responsible). As a result, a big percentage of companies have the perception that this is something they need to use to “push” a message (exactly like TV, radio or newspaper) and hopefully increase sales = revenue.

I’ve made a quick video to share with you a basic example of Social Media ROI in sales. The keyword of the game, after you devised your strategy, is “patience“, especially when the goal comes down to revenue. Why? Because if you treat people as “disposable customers” (that’s how they will feel), then the question “Now what?” will become a bigger issue than anything else.
It takes time, consistency and hard work to build a reputation and just seconds to through it all away.

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(If you cannot view the video please follow the link: Social media ROI)

It’s also great when social media doesn’t come out of the Sales & Marketing Departments. For example, if it starts in Customer service and/or HR , they will focus more on improving quality of communication and interaction while capitalising in long term relationships (Internally & externally). This moves them away from just being seen as pure “cost centres”.

What are your thoughts?