Irish companies and the acknowledgement of Social Media

Every time we attend networking events we get a good feel of the reality of non-web-related companies in Ireland. Just because we spend 12 hours a day online while we work on our projects, it doesn’t mean that everyone else does or can.

So, we attended the SFA event at the new Eircom building yesterday where Piaras Kelly and Colin Hetherington gave a presentation on Digital Marketing. Good content and advice for companies on how to get started with online social networks, blogging and some other cool examples.

I saw plenty of jaw-drops within the audience when some basic things were discussed. As Evert Bopp wrote recently: “Think that a blog is a character from Star Trek?”

Here are a couple of videos with the speakers’ advise on how to get ready before approaching  a digital marketing agency and whether outsorucing your social media efforts is viable or not :

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There is tremendous opportunity for traditional SMEs in going online and doing it themselves. There’s only 1 accountancy firm in Ireland that has a blog!!! (???) I believe that the more events like this one, the less jaw-drops we’ll see.

The concern is: After these events, how many SMEs seriously sit down to evaluate their online strategy? How many try social networks and just quit after a few days? How many think (if they have the budget) that they can just outsource their efforts and forget about it?
According to Colin, 60% of people quit Twitter after a first few attempts. This, of course, leaves room for the consultancy and training work that companies like us provide 🙂

Consultancy and training only come in when the acknowledgement is made. I wonder what other alternatives, besides this type of “creating awareness” events, are out there to help companies understand the importance of the Internet.



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