3 Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers

Many companies have already taken that big step setting up their own YouTube channel. This is their official video content hub, an invaluable resource not just for the business itself but for all brand followers. Those thinking about getting more exposure and views would certainly be interested in getting more people to subscribe to their channels and also increase the amount of repeated visits. As a result, I have worked on a short video that shares three simple and cool ways to achieve that. Please, share your comment below. Thanks. Subscribe to me on YouTube

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  • Ivan Walsh says:

    Hi Fred, nnOne thing thatu2019s worked for me is to name the file with keywords. nnI know YouTube changes the file but, from what I’ve seen, if you make the file name keyword rich is performs better than other files eg business-plan.mov does better than 123.mov.nnI also add my web address in the description field. Remember to include the HTTP so itu2019s clickable. nnRegards, nnIvan

  • Fred says:

    That’s a super tip Ivan, thanks. Using keywords to describe the file makes a lot of sense. Even if YT doesn’t give a lot of weight to that now, it could happen any time in the future.nAnother one of this kind of moves (That don’t have much relevance now) is to include a transcript for all videos. Soon, all that content will be indexed by video platforms and search engines, making the video a lot more visible to people.

  • DravenstarPRT says:

    Very cool stuff. I will be adding the youtube buttons to my sites shortly.

  • Peter L Masters MCIM says:

    A very useful post thank you! Off to look at my YouTube site right now!!

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks Peter. If you have any questions or suggestions later, please come back to the comments on this post to discuss or go to our Facebook page 🙂

  • Jonathan says:

    Great Job! nice article, by the way, Do you have any other article about youtube. ? thanks!

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