Business Networking: What Does “LIKE” Mean?

Most of you are already familiar with the famous “Like” button that Facebook introduced. Pressing that button or “liking” stuff has become a daily activity for millions of people.

The power of a Like is so big that it was replicated in many other sites. It went even beyond social media platforms and now you can see Like buttons in almost every web page (Especially since now, what you “like” appears on your Facebook stream giving brands, stories and people more exposure) Finally, the Like button even contributes now to Google rankings!

But let’s talk about the Like button for business. Beside the obvious move of “liking” stuff because you found something interesting, there are ways in which I use the LIKE button for business networking. The social networks I use to do this are naturally Facebook, also LinkedIn and Twitter (in this case, you won’t find a Like button but a “Favourite” one instead)

How to LIKE for business networking

In the past, we would probably see business people, that we wanted to network with and learn from, every now and then. That could also mean months or even years! The beauty about social networks is that you can constantly know what your business contacts are up to by just watching the desired news streams. However, by just reading your network’s updates, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re networking or that your connections know that you are reading (or there at all).

When you LIKE on any of these platforms, you are:

  • Telling your business connection, “I’m here, I support you”. That acknowledgement transmits a very powerful vibe and massively contributes to longs term relationships. For example, there are people I haven’t seen in at least six months or more and the only fact that every now and then they “Like” one of my posts or comments, tells me that they are still part of my network, that they still want to learn from me and they want to stay in touch. On the other hand, it encourages me to stay in touch with that professional and reminds me that I need to maybe read their stuff more often.
  • “Liking” on Facebook or LinkedIn is the same visual experience, however, people “Like” a lot less on LinkedIn that Facebook. The advantage that you have there is that when you Like on LinkedIn, it’s easier for people to notice! On Twitter, when you click on “Favourite” on a message, a tweet goes out to your followers saying that “You just favourites X tweet/content”. In this case, you’re giving your business contact the desired acknowledgement but also a nice push to their message 🙂
  • “Likes” on web pages: Now, every time you click on a Like button outside of Facebook, that piece of news, article, website, etc, will show on your Facebook Wall and Live stream for all your Facebook contacts to potentially see. That’s very powerful. In this case, you’re not just telling your business contact “I’m here” but you’re also helping them spread the word!

“Liking” has become part of our lives. Simply keep in mind that the click of a simple button can also be used to build solid relationships throughout time.

Over to you: How do you use the Like button? Share your story below!

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  • Connor Keppel says:

    Hi Fred, good post. Besides the obvious expression of interest, I use the ‘Like’ button to regenerate content and broaden the hit of a post as far as possible i.e. If I post something, and then someone influential ‘likes’ it, this is really opening my content for viewing to people in their network (privacy settings depending of course). I think to like something is a powerful way to get your content out there. I know I am always tracking probably 10 of my friends on Facebook and contacts on LinkedIn as they are ahead of the curve. Their ‘like’ means a lot to me because I respect their opinion and therefore know it’s definitely worth checking out.nnBang on the button with the relevance of quality vs. quantity on LinkedIn vs. Facebook. However, I can’t check who likes my personal profile updates. Is there any way to do this or I do need to look beyond the ‘freemium’?

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks for stopping by Connor :)nnGood point regarding alerts. On Facebook, notifications have improved a lot (even from likes) and now you can even follow them every time they happen via your mobile. It’s true that LinkedIn doesn’t offer notifications but I’m sure they’ll follow the same path as Facebook anytime soon. So far, you only get email notifications on LinkedIn when people comment on your update only.nSeesmic seems to have a good integration with LinkedIn but I’m not sure if alerts / like alerts are part of the deal Will ask Loic.

  • Connor Keppel says:

    Thanks Fred! LinkedIn in need to sort that out. Loosing out big time on this potential feature I think. Well done on the post again and chat soon.

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