Wonder how to improve your offline networking efforts with social media?

The summer networking event (LINK, Plato & Enterprise Network for Women) from the Dublin City Enterprise Board took place on Wednesday 10th, at the O’Callaghan Mt. Clare hotel, Dublin 2.
It was Channelship’s turn to present and the subject was “Effective Social Media Networking“: How can you apply the power of social networking tools such as Twitter and Linkedin to improve your offline, business networking efforts?

Thousands of business owners attend networking events in Ireland. The average is once every 30 days. At that pace, is it possible to remember people’s names, companies and what they do? Also, how long does it take them to know me? What are my chances of being seen as the expert in my field in a very short period of time?
We raised these and more constraints relevant to offline business networking and tried to overcome every single one by explaining the core networking benefits of Twitter and LinkedIn. We also provided actionable advise for companies to put the tips into practice immediately.

Final thoughts on the challenges:

NOTE: Remember, networking in not about SELLING. You don’t want to be the guy on the second slide 😉

When you walk into a networking room, you wonder: Who are these people?
By being active on Twitter and by checking every person’s profile on Linkedin before an event, not only you’ll be optimising your efforts but you will know who is in the room, their contacts and you will be making a connection with many people before you arrive!

How do I position myself as an expert?
Engaging in conversation via Twitter and providing value in your posts is one of the best ways to show immediately your expertise. Also, by having a strong profile on Linkedin, participating in Groups and in Linkedin Answers your chances are even better 🙂

How much do I remember from people I met?
Again, share good value in your interactions while using Twitter and naturally, that name, company and expertise will be in front of you every time. The same occurs when you follow other people’s Linkedin updates. Because you see “what’s happening every day”, it’s much easier to remember everything. With the exact same mechanism, also people will get to know you faster.

Check out below the full presentation in Slideshare and a quick testimonial from Kevin O’Brien at Accounting Partners.

Thanks very much everybody for all your kind comments and support.

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