A Chat With Jimmy Wales, Founder Of Wikipedia

Last week we made the special announcement on our Facebook page that Channelship became a Techhub member. We where then invited to an informal chat with Jimmy Wales, the father of Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.

This is part of a new cool initiative by Techhub called “Start-up stories“: a series of talks with known entrepreneurs, sharing with us how they started and how they made it.
It was a 1-hour, very relaxed chat but we captured 14 powerful minutes in the video 🙂
Because the group was fortunately small, we had room for Q&A. I picked Frank Bradley‘s question for Jimmy (Minute 12:15).

In the video Jimmy shares:

  • How he started and what he did do for a living before Wikipedia
  • Why his first two-year attempt failed
  • The uniqueness of Wikipedia
  • What can you learn about how Wikipedia is being used?
  • My question (by @FrankBradley) “Do you see an ad-supported Wikipedia in the future?”

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Gregory Kohs says:

    Fred, you asked one of the oldest, most over-asked, mainstream media questions about Wikipedia.u00a0 You should have asked why the Foundation earns only one star out of four from Charity Navigator, in terms of program efficiency.u00a0 Why does the Foundation spend on program services only about 43 cents of every received donation dollar?u00a0 There’s something really shameful going on at that Foundation set up by Jimmy Wales, and you missed the chance to actually do some journalism.

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks for your comment Gregory.nThe idea in this case wasn’t that I asked one of my questions but one from our Facebook fans. As you see in the post, we publicly looked for people to make their submissions and we picked Frank’s question.nJoin our page and next time, share your question too 🙂

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