Buzz Monitoring: e-G8 Insights

This year, the well known world-leader conference,  G8, provided an interesting addition: The e-G8; a new summit of global Internet leaders (also in Paris, May 24th and 25th). The goal was to advise the G8 leaders on important issues related to the Internet.

We drilled drown into all the relevant conversations about the  e-G8 conference to learn more. (Keywords tracked: eg8, e-g8, #eg8. Time period: past 7 days)

Conversation trend

We registered 74,361 mentions. It looks like the opening (and maybe the fact the it’s a new thing) has the most impact. I would have guessed that the second day would have had more resonance, especially with Mark Zuckerber’s talk.

What were the main keywords mentioned?

We can clearly see Zuckerberg, Erich Schmidt as the main Internet leaders mentioned and John Perry Barlow @jpbarlow and Tariq Krim @tariqkrim as one of the Twitter accounts with the most resonance.

Where did most conversations happen?

The scene was clearly dominated by Twitter. However, we couldn’t fairly compare the conversations with those on Facebook since the monitoring software can only pull what’s not set as “private”. 3,378 blog posts in the past seven days, seems quite reasonable. The most important posts though, will be those coming up in the next few days. Will country leaders read at least a piece of them? Hopefully.

Conversations by country (Including difference from previous week)

There weren’t surprises for the first two countries, however Germany has gone from the tenth to the fifth place in 24 hours.

Negative Vs positive mentions

Most of the mentions were neutral so we hid visibility of neutral posts to drill down into the positive Vs negative comments. Surprisingly, the opening day (Tuesday 24th) with the most mentions also had record negative comments ( @jensbest played a big role here. He was massively retweeted). On Wednesday, the coin flipped and positive mentions outnumbered negative. Loads of the conversations with positive sentiment on Wednesday quoted Mark Zuckerberg.

I hope the analysis was useful. If you want to research further into what was said on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th you may download the e-G8 conversations HERE

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Fred, Actually the closing really did not receive much buzz at all. From what I saw, many people were disappointed with the closing interview between Maurice Lu00e9vy and Mark Zuckerberg, and people stopped tweeting..u00a0

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks.nMaurice Lu00e9vy was certainly terrible. He even forced (literally) Mark to say “Merci” for the French TV after the interview..

  • Nirc121963 says:

    Did you use a specific tool for doing the monitoring? If yes, what is the tool that you used?n

  • Channelship says:

    We’ve been working with Radian6 for the past two years.

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