What Are You Afraid Of When Hiring An Agency?

Fear is the lone barrier almost every product and service has to overcome in order to succeed.

This phrase really got my attention while reading a post over at Seth Godin’s blog. It suddenly made sense and got me thinking about all the possible fears that prospects may go through when flirting with the idea of hiring our services. I came up with a list that can hopefully inspire you or serve as a kick-start template to do the exercise on your own offer. It’s broken down by our 4 main services and I considered 2 types of fear: of future circumstances and monetary fear. In this post I only look at the fears and not how to tackle them. I’d like the list to serve more as a template and not be too self promotional, so let’s stick to the catharsis mode.

Here’s my quick compilation of the possible “inner obstacles”. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

You can download this list from our FlickR profile

Have you experienced any of these fears and can you add to the list? Have you identified any for your own services?