Video Storytelling: Unlocking Your Company’s Magic

“What does your company do?” and “How can your products or services help customers?” are two basic and crucial questions for any company. The way they decide to answer them will make a HUGE impact (positive or negative) in the short and long term. This is not an easy job at all, especially for those businesses in constant change. But don’t worry about it, just for now.

One of the main problems for companies trying to convey “what they do” and “how they help customers”, lies on the starting point. They are explaining the value through their own eyes and not the prospect’s. For example:  “We’ve been more than 20 years in business” or “we pride ourselves on providing the best service” or “we do X, Y and Z”. Can your company stand out that way? Can it help prospects and customers understand why they should go with you instead of the other folks?

Try telling a short story in 6 steps

  • Step 1: Gather as much feedback as possible from your existing customers. Trust me, you will be surprised more than once when customers tell you what they think your unique-selling-point is.
  • Step 2: Step into your customers’ shoes. Once you start seeing your company through their eyes, a few things will change in your perspective. Now that you are a “customer” of the company you work for, how would you explain the value? Think about “the problem” that you, as a prospect would have and how could you  find a solution.
  • Step 3:  Only once you complete steps one and two, create a character. Come up with name for a potential prospect (it could be yours or any name). Then start telling/writing a story about this prospect in the third person. Describe a typical sequence (step by step) on how they engage with your company until they become a customer. Write the scenes in different paragraphs so you can understand each step and edit it separately. As a reference,  370 words will fit in a two-minute video.
  • Step 4: Be creative. Once you have all the steps, run it by different people in your team to ensure that the story has an angle and that it is simple to understand for your target audience.
  • Step 5: Once the hardest part is done which is “coming up with the story”, the rest is just technical. Work with your designer/animator to make it happen. Then choose a voice-over professional or anybody in the company that could do this, and finally, good background music (if needed). To facilitate decision-making within the team, you could ask your designer to upload the video as “unlisted” to YouTube (only those with the link can see it) to avoid sending heavy files by email.
  • Step 6: Keep in mind that this might not be a video that you will only do once. You might need to tweak it or re-do it down the line. However, in the meantime, imagine everybody in the company explaining, with consistency and through one simple video-message, how can your products and services benefit customers.

I know, it’s not so easy. It was challenging for us also but we followed these steps and came up with our short story 🙂 Enjoy!

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  • Jules says:

    Great post. It’s amazing how a lot of production companies don’t get this, they are still fixated on video how it use to be done 15 years ago. Makes me cringe when I hear those actor voiceovers talking about efficiency, award winning, good service blah blah right at the top. 🙂 u00a0No-one will ever buy into those cheesy videos, yet they cost a tonne, also who ever shares them? There’s no hook or creative twist to inspire people. Rant over!

  • Channelship says:

    Thanks very much for the comment Jules. nThat’s a phenomenal point. It’s not only about the video, it’s also about how shareable it is.nI guess the type of companies that you described would be happy just to say who they are and that the message gets out there. Then, they would need to spend another chunk of money on TV, radio and newspapers to do the “pushing” job 🙂

  • Fran Aslam says:

    Good post that makes it easy to write with six steps,

  • Rick Aspan says:

    Good video!u00a0 How do we sign on?!u00a0 Seriously, nicely done.

  • Channelship says:

    Ahahah, thanks Rick!

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