Brand Monitoring: The Google-Motorola Deal

Even though a few rumors started on Friday, August 12th, the big news hit on Monday 15th. Yes, Google bought Motorola Mobility for approximately $12.5 Billion.

From last Friday until today (almost five days) our social media monitoring software pulled 346,229 mentions (and counting) about the “Googlerola” deal. Let’s take a look at some insights:

Where did conversations take place?

This should be no surprise to most of you. Twitter dominated the scene with over 81% of the mentions.

Can Google+ kill Twitter? No way, unless Google introduces a game-changing move.



How did the trend in conversations look like?

The obvious spike in conversations happened on the very 15th (135 thousand) with most of the mentions neutral (spreading the news). I would have guessed that the deal would have generated more than one big spike.

The topic is pretty much dying out in terms of mentions after 48 hours. Maybe, it means that in general, people don’t really know what to expect.

Where did the news resonate?

The US is naturally number one. However did you imagine Brazil and Japan in 3th and 5th place? Looks like Canada has reacted to the news within the past 24 hours (Based on difference in mentions from last week)

What relevant keywords are showing around the topic?

Without digging into sentiment analysis, we can see on the conversation cloud that there’s no presence of negative keywords (at least for now).

What do people think?

Mashable published this Poll yesterday. The results support the tag cloud above.

What’s your opinion about the Google-Motorola deal? Is it a waste of cash or a valuable strategic move for Google?