3 Ways Manufacturers Can Leverage Online Video

By now, most of you acknowledged the importance of online video.
Its phenomenal growth is transforming companies and the way they interact with prospects and customers. However, there are numerous sectors that haven’t embraced it yet. One of those opportunities lies in manufacturers.
Here are a few useful tips (One by department).


Professionals that sell solutions to distributors know that a sale doesn’t close immediately and that “lead nurturing” is highly important. One of the ways in which you can generate an immediate impact with a prospect and stay longer in their minds is by being unique.
Online video messages make you memorable
. We started using them two years ago and it has worked really well. We took our personal video messages to the next level last year by creating private video-message-pages on our site. Now prospects watch the video in a more relevant context. The idea is that the person connects with us through any of the calls-to-action and obviously can navigate our site and learn more.

Customer Service

Your reps collect feedback from customers face-to-face and via telephone. Pay attention (and tag if possible online or on a piece of paper) what type of product is being mentioned the most, especially those with challenges. Take down as much information as possible about customers’ questions and suggestions.
Ideally, by now your company has a blog. With all the data collected, work with the relevant department to make progress on those changes. Once that’s clear, produce a video where you acknowledge the issues with the product, thank your customers for all the input and finally set expectations in terms of how the company will overcome the challenge (e.g. improve product, replace it with a new one, information about recalls, etc).
Once you make a video post, including a good title and tags so more relevant folks can find you, here’s what’s going to happen:

  • You’ll be producing a piece of highly relevant content that many people will read/view and interact with (comments)
  • You’ll be leaving on the web a public valuable breadcrumb that will contribute 100% to you company’s reputation
  • You’ll make your company more approachable since you’re clearly listening to customers and facilitating a solution (Making things easy)


Uploading your TV commercials and promotional material to a video platform is OK, however it’s far from really embracing online video.
The whole idea is that you serve your community. Videos like the first example above would certainly do that and the best of all is that it’s also a piece of marketing 🙂 Just because you work in the Marketing Department it doesn’t mean that videos that you upload must have a “corporate message”.
So, how can you be different? Live video is a phenomenal option. I’m sure you have product launches every now and then. Why not showcase your new product and the experts behind it LIVE to anyone in the world? You may use professional live streaming service such as  Livestream or Ustream as the ideal platforms (For optimum results and piece of mind, use paid versions which start from $350 and $400 dollars/month respectively).
The idea here is not to get rid of all the traditional methods by which you promote your new products every year. The goal is for you to own a global platform that will offer you a bigger and cost-effective reach, while offering your prospects and customers an opportunity to engage and ask you questions.
One great example is Cisco, a manufacturer that “shaved $100K off their product launch using social media“.

What other online video tips would you add?

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  • Jaimee Baker says:

    Great post. Adding tou00a0the section onu00a0customer service, it may also be beneficial to include the “product improvement” video in a feedback survey or form and thenu00a0send that tou00a0those clients who provided recommendations and concerns initially. Not only will this show clients that you respect their opinions and want them to be involved in product development, but it will allow you to store responses in a central location for easy reference.

  • Channelship says:

    Super tip Jaimee, thanks!

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