How To Activate Status Updates On Your LinkedIn Company Page

By now, we’re all familiar with the status updates bar implemented in our LinkedIn profiles. That’s one of the main ways in which we share news and what are we up to with our business network.

LinkedIn recently made an imminent move: Enabling status updates in company pages.

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But, I was already receiving company updates

Those posts where not customised but automatic. LinkedIn generated company updates every time a job was published, a new professional was hired or left the organisation.

Who can see my company-updates?

On the upper right of your company page you’ll see the number of people following your company. Every time you publish a post, it will appear on their stream of updates.

What do I post in my company page?

If you start using this new channel to publish press releases and corporate communications only, you will annoy a lot of people. Try sharing something of value such as your own blog posts, industry news and trends.
Start by publishing two to four updates a week and see how followers engage with your posts. Professionals won’t expect you to post as often as in a Facebook page so it will take you very little time.

If you have any comments on this new feature or questions, share them below 🙂

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  • Sharon says:

    yep, i signed into see that on my business page but unfortunately, i didn’t get it … so i sent them a ticket/email to find out why — unfortunately, i still haven’t heard back (which is odd because they usually respond within 48 hours).nnso, id like to know how i can get this applied to my business page account as well – if you have the inside secrets … and i teach people how to use the tools – that’s why I find this so funny ha ha.

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