How To Waste Your Time On LinkedIn

I receive about five undesired LinkedIn messages every month. I got this one a few days ago that seemed to have a bit more work than the average. I felt bad for the person sending this message. He or she clearly sat down and thought about some creative lines, the ones that probably make you think, the ones that maybe work like magic and make people take action… I’m afraid that did not happen. Here’s the message:

Yes, I did press the “Report Spam” button because that’s all the message is. From the moment a stranger makes contact with you, doesn’t use your name, and pulls a pitch, it doesn’t matter how good is what they offer. People will shut down.
Many professionals using this tactic obviously don’t see themselves as strangers and don’t put into the recipient’s shoes either. But hey, the good news is that there’re many other great and legitimate ways to sell insurance without being a spammer. However, they take a bit more time, dedication, getting to your know your audience, business contacts and also offer something of help (tips, a blog post, a guide, etc).

Have you ever heard that “first impressions are very powerful”? Well, that doesn’t apply to the offline world only. When you send a message of this type, you’re closing doors. You put red flags in people’s heads as soon as they read your name again.

What’s your experience? How are some professionals wasting their time on LinekdIn?