The Stream Economy (Or Why Your Company Needs To Be In Social Media)

Thousands of brands and companies have embraced social media already. However the vast majority haven’t adopted it yet. You can already see┬áthis question in the air, coming especially from the C suit: “Do we need to be in social media?”

There are different ways to answer that question. Every company is a different world so, including in the answer reasons about how using social media will impact their bottom line, makes a lot more sense. I usually dislike general answers, however I bring you today a nice exception.

I watched yesterday the video below from Gary Vaynerchuk about the “Stream economy: the way we used to consume information and the way we do it now”. He’s not inventing the wheel but, I’m sure that if you show this short video to high level executives, they may have an “a-ha” moment…

What do you think?