Buzz Monitoring: How Did The Obama-Romney Social Media Race Look Like?

A few days after Obama was announced re-elected, we dived into our social media monitoring software to pull some insights for the past 30 days.

Back in 2008, President Obama’s digital campaign became one of the world’s references in social media, defeating the Republican nominee, John McCain. However, while everyone expected again another great online performance by Obama, many wondered how well the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, would embrace that channel.

Turns out, that in the final results, while Obama won in number of mentions, the online race has been pretty tight. Here it goes:

Topic trend

Check out how Romney wins partially the mentions battle October 16th and 22nd.

Conversation by media type

Obama conquered mentions in every media channel by far. Here the difference seems bigger.

Overall mentions with 30-day difference

Top-10 number of mentions by country

Did you expect Netherlands, Brazil and India in 4th, 5th and 6th  place?