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Facundo and I went to the Net Imperative conference yesterday organised by the Irish Internet Association. It was a great day, with loads of information and also met with many interesting people.
Out of all the presentations we really enjoyed those from Chris Bennet (Commercial Director of BLYK), Alan O’Rourke (CEO of SpoiltChild) and Philip Macartney (Head of Sales, Bebo Ireland)

Since Channelship network with so many SMEs in Ireland, we thought it was a great idea to put together a couple of short, interesting videos to show Irish companies how easy and inexpensively you can have your company on the spotlight applying online tools.

Alan O’Rourke (Spoiltchild, design consultany) is the man behind the email newsletter creator: TODDLE. This is a great, simple and easy way to build your own newsletters for your clients without having to pay a designer! Take a look at the following quick video were Alan explains in a minute how you can benefit from Toddle 🙂

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Philip Macartney (Head of Sales, Bebo Ireland) also talked to Channelship. He explains in the following short video the power of social media and how your company could benefit from BEBO.COM.

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