Social Media for the Retail Industry.

Full-Day training overview

This session has a unique social media approach (in plain English), for the Retail Industry, providing valuable hands-on techniques and tools to understand and harness the opportunities of strategic social networks for your business.

Who should attend?

  • Marketing professionals
  • Company directors
  • Store owners / managers 
(Course suitable for manager and executive level)

Tailored content

* We prepare all our social media trainings based on client’s objectives

  • How to get started
  • Choosing the platforms and devising a strategy
  • Geolocation: a huge retail ally
  • Twitter & Facebook Marketing
  • Online video for Retail (tool, resources and techniques)
  • Email marketing

What will I learn?

  • How to make your brand /stores more visible in search and through networks
  • How to create a system that will allow you to execute your daily promotional activities in an organised and measurable way.
  • How to proactively engage with people in the different platforms and enhance your brand reputation online.
  • How to audit and monitor the online environment – what is being said about your brand/ organisation/industry.
  • How to leverage promotions blending online and offline activities.

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